The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences.

Board of Directors: Service Goals

Board of Directors: Service Goals
Members of the JEN Board of Directors assume several responsibilities when elected, including:

  1. Knowing the Jazz Education Network mission, services, policies, and programs.
  2. Participating in all Board meetings and conference.
  3. Reviewing Board agendas, minutes, and supporting materials (including financial statements) prior to Board meetings. Visiting the website and reading the JEN newsletters regularly.
  4. Communicating in a timely fashion on all JEN business. Submitting reports and requests for action on or before stated deadlines.
  5. Being an advocate for JEN and engaging and informing others about JEN and representing the organization to the general public through my professional, personal, and social networks. This includes adding my status as a member of the JEN Board of Directors to my bio, website and promo materials.
  6. Lending special skills and expertise to enhance the Board and be actively engaged in strategic planning and development.
  7. Being available to serve on at least one committee annually (i.e. Finance Committee, Fundraising & Development Committee, Marketing & Communications Committee, etc.)
  8. Being willing and able to be nominated for a JEN office and willing to serve if selected.
  9. Taking on special assignments as volunteer service as they relate to the advancement of JEN’s mission and services, policies and programs.
  10. Assisting in participant, volunteer, and Board member recruitment efforts, and engaging others who can make significant contributions to JEN – financially as individual contributors or corporate sponsors, and those who may lend their expertise to advancing our organization.
  11. Allowing JEN to use my image for promotional purposes. (This will include a short statement from you about JEN and keeping JEN informed of professional activities so that these events may be published online or in print publications).
  12. Following conflict of interest and confidentiality policies as they are established by JEN.
  13. As a strong personal commitment to the mission and values of JEN, it is required that all Board members maintain membership.
  14. It is expected that all BOD members will cover transportation costs over $500 per event, and meal expenses related to Board meetings until such time JEN is able to afford to budget all expenses in that regard.
  15. Board members are expected to financially contribute to the organization annually.
  16. In turn, the JEN Executive committee will be available to answer any questions about the organization and all will work in good faith towards achievement of our mission and goals.
  17. Board Service Terms are 3 years in length and reelection should not be considered automatic. The reality is there are only so many slots on the Board to be filled and if everyone serving was automatically reinstated for 3 year terms back to back, new energy would or could not be infused into the Board. Decisions are not to be assumed of a personal nature.
  18. Board members not returning should be recognized in perpetuity as a former Board member, and asked to continue on committees as part of the JEN governance structure. Further, an individual should be commended for their expected service while on the Board, but should not expect an explanation as to why he or she may not be selected again to serve.