The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences.

JEN Outreach Program

The JEN Outreach program is designed to assist in bringing quality jazz education and/or performances to schools and community locations. The program consists of:

• local local artist and clinican outreach during the annual conference

• national reach through the JAZZ2U regranting program

• global reach on the web through the Virtual Artist series

• community arts leader outreach meeting in the annual conference host city

The JEN Conference Outreach program started in St. Louis at the first conference in 2010 and has been continued each year to aid in fulfilling the JEN mission. , concurrent with the annual JEN conference. The Conference Outreach program runs during each conference in the host city and has reached more than 7,000 students. 

2010 – St. Louis
2011 – New Orleans
2012 – Louisville
(2013 – Atlanta: Schools not in session)
2014 – Dallas

Here is a wonderful thank you note to share the powerful effects of these performances: 

"Just want to tell you that our visiting group from NAU (Ryan Holder, High Altitude) was totally awesome. It was one of the best assemblies we have ever had. It was worth every ounce of trouble just to hear the buzz in the hallways from the kids who attended the performance. I don't think we have ever had anyone they liked more. Not only were they very talented and entertaining, but they were so personable with the students. My class got to be with them a few extra minutes and I thought some of them were going to cry when they left. The selections chosen were perfect for the audience. It was a big hit when they allowed some of our students to come down and do some call and response scat singing with them! I wanted to thank you and let you to know that it made a huge impact on our school. Thanks again and please let JEN know how much we appreciate it."

- Deanna, Teacher
The Stopher School/Arts & Humanities

Additional Outreach programs: 

– JAZZ2U: a grant program that helps pay for clinicians, speakers, and performers for educational events. Since the program's inception in April 2014, we have served more than 1,500 students and adults.

JEN Virtual Artist Series: a series of web-broadcasted master classes, in collaboration with Lehman University.